Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy

Definition and benefits of Group Therapy:
Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy, which involves one or more therapists facilitating a therapy session with several people at the same time. The size of the groups can vary but normally it stays between 6-12.

It usually explores a specific mental health concern such as, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, grief and loss, parenting, divorce,addiction, abuse, and more.

Group therapy is commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy and medication.

Some of the benefits of Group Therapy:

  • helps you realize you’re not alone.
  • allows you to receive the support and encouragement from other group members.
  • often very affordable.
  • group members can serve as role models to other group members.
  • helps you relate to yourself and others in healthier ways.

Currently on-going group:

Divorce/Separation Recovery Group
Relationship Support Group

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