We provide therapeutic counseling to help opposite sex and same sex relationships grow stronger for a loving, committed, faithful, and happy partnership..

Your brain in love.

When you fall in love, your brain experiences the same high as it would with smoking, gambling, sex, consuming too much sugar, and even substance abuse. When you look at your beloved partner, the brain region associated with reward center gets, literally, lit up! So you are not alone if you felt AMAZING with your partner in the first year or two. And again you are not alone if you don’t feel that crazy excitement anymore now that you’ve been with your partner for a while.

You wonder if you still love your partner.

Just because you don’t feel the same way as when you first started dating, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner anymore or any less. It means that your brain learned how to regulate the constant Euphoria overflow that you had been experiencing. So now the partner who could do no wrong before, is doing everything wrong, which leads to having frequent arguments and fights.

Here is a solution.

Maintaining love takes hard work but it is a lot easier with a specialist’s help! Let me assist you getting back on track of the loving relationship you once had.

You will Learn…

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Meet Liz Wee

We all have innate resources to help ourselves grow and thrive. Whether we work together for couples therapy, individual therapy, art therapy, or life coaching, my role as a therapist/coach is to help you access these hidden resources so you can live your life more whole-heartedly with purpose and intention. Even though I am trained in several different modalities, I believe that the deep and secure therapeutic relationship between a client and a therapist is one of the most important interventions in therapy. In our sessions, my clients often tell me that they feel truly understood, accepted, and supported.


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