15 signs to tell if you are with an emotionally unavailable partner.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about partners who are not emotionally available. A lot of my clients ask me to decipher their partners’ unpredictable and inconsistent behaviors. So I’ve decided to write a blogpost about the tips I give to my clients. Here are 15 ways to tell if you are with an emotionally unavailable partner.   They...[ read more ]

7 different ways to tell if you are being gaslighted

Are you being gaslighted? -7 different ways to tell if you are being gaslighted.   We talked about gaslighting briefly in my last blog post (5 ways to set healthy boundaries in romantic relationships). I wanted to dive in a little deeper with the topic in this blog post to raise some awareness as I frequently counsel clients, who are...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships

One of the issues my clients struggle with the most is setting healthy boundaries with others, especially with their romantic partners. What is a boundary, you ask? Imagine having a protective bubble that you can surround/shield yourself with. You can make it as thick and hard as you want if you need a strong and firm protection. Or make it...[ read more ]

What Is a Love Addiction?

Have you heard of love addiction? I first learned about love addiction at a sex therapy training I took years ago. We were talking about sex addiction and someone asked about the difference between love and sex addiction to the instructor. The brief explanation was that the love addicts tend to be obsessed on the specific person, while sex addicts...[ read more ]

9 Ways to Prevent Infidelity

Cheating or infidelity can happen in any relationship or marriage. And there are several different reasons why people cheat, including; lack of sex or sexual satisfaction in the relationship, feeling disconnected with the partner, insecurity and low self-esteem, feeling unappreciated or unimportant in the relationship. Some couples are able to overcome the affair and manage to stay together. But others...[ read more ]

Active Listening

How to improve communication skills in relationships: Active Listening   “Did you even hear what I just said?!” “Of course I did! What do you think I’ve been doing for last 15 minutes?” Sound familiar? You are not alone. A lot of couples start their arguments this way. We are always feeling “unheard” and "ignored" by our partners. Why is that?...[ read more ]

Self-Care Package

What is the mind-body connection? You might have been hearing the term, “mind-body connection” in recent years. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? It really just means that the mind and body of a human being are interconnected. Therefore, what we do with our body impacts how we feel, and how we feel can have a positive or negative impact on...[ read more ]

How to Increase Intimacy & Have Better Sex

Couples Therapy: 5 Ways to Increase Intimacy & Have Better Sex 1. Date night- take each other out weekly or bi-weekly When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Just because you co-exist in the same space daily, it doesn’t mean that you are truly “spending time together.” You are not spending quality time together...[ read more ]

Free Workshop for Couples! 9/30/18

Hello everyone! We are having a COUPLES WORKSHOP this Sunday, 9/30/18 at 1pm. Come join us and learn how to increase intimacy and have better sex! Please register at After the workshop, I will offer 15 min free consultation to 4 couples (first come first served, there will be a sign-in sheet). See you there!

Couples Therapy: A Perfect Partner?

Couples Therapy: Looking for the perfect partner? You are in luck. What happened to my perfect partner? It seems that a lot of people, who come to see me for couples therapy, initially fell in love with the imagined, the best version of each other. And they unavoidably become shocked later, when they realize that their partners also have “not...[ read more ]

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