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What is the mind-body connection?

Self Care Therapy Package flyer | Couples Healing Center | Couples Therapy & Sex Therapy | Long Beach, CA 90807 | Huntington Beach, CA 92648You might have been hearing the term, “mind-body connection” in recent years. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? It really just means that the mind and body of a human being are interconnected. Therefore, what we do with our body impacts how we feel, and how we feel can have a positive or negative impact on our physical health. For example, when you are stressed out from working to many hours, you might feel that tension and stiffness in your neck and shoulder (no, they are not just from your posture). And when you had that horrible flu last time, how did you feel? Miserable, I’m sure. And I don’t know about you, but when I get a body massage, I just feel calmer and more relaxed just as my body does. But there is more. Recent research in the field of mind-body medicine has found that not only emotions but also the thought patterns, beliefs, and attitude can also contribute to imbalances within the body. So it is crucial that you explore and process painful emotions and negative/distorted thoughts and beliefs about self and others, to improve and maintain your overall health. Untreated, they can manifest as a chronic depression, underlying sense of anxiety, or anger that will interfere with body’s natural ability to heal itself. Or it can also show up as somatic symptoms such as lethargy, headache, upset stomach, and even fibromayalgia. So what better way to tend to both mind and body, other than getting a massage and a therapy together? Massage Dynamics and Couples Healing Center are collaborating to offer you this special self-care package for $125 (60 min of full body massage and 50 mins of psychotherapy, regular price at $210) to help you achieve your optimal level of health. Please click this button ‎to purchase this package.


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