Premarital Counseling

Are you planning your wedding? If so, it is a great time to prepare for your marriage as well! Couples who received premarital education showed significantly higher levels of marital satisfaction and was 30 percent less likely to have a divorce over five years (from a survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology).

Premarital counseling can help partners have a strong and healthy relationship by improving communication skills, developing conflict-resolution skills, setting realistic expectations for marriage, eliminating dysfunctional behaviors, and understanding how cultural issues affect a relationship and many more.


Common topics that are discussed in Premarital Counseling sessions.

· Finances

· Family relationships

· Affection and sex

· Communication

· Emotional needs

· Beliefs and values (cultural & individual)

· Desire to have children

· Decision-making

· Dealing with anger

· Time spent together

· Roles in marriage


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