Gender Affirming Medical services

Gender affirmation Medical surgeries helps in improvig mental health and quality of life.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Letters

Research shows that psychotherapy assisted with the process of gender-affirming medical services, improved client outcomes. And In order to receive gender-affirming medical services and treatment, individuals are often required by insurance companies to provide proof of readiness from professionals. Most often, that includes at least one letter written by a mental health professional.

For HRT (hormone replacement therapy) specifically:

If you are a California resident and over the age of 18, California law does not require that you need a referral letter to obtain HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  Most providers utilize an informed consent approach for HRT, but there may be some that require a letter. Connect with us to discuss this further.

Gender Affirming Surgery

If you are a California resident and over the age of 18, seeking gender affirming surgery, your therapist can provide clinical letters of referral that are, more often than not, required by insurance companies and medical practitioners.

The process of writing and providing you this letter involves meeting for at least three individual 50 minute sessions, to be sure your therapist can ethically gather all the information needed in your letter, and can walk with you through any hopes, questions or concerns about moving through this process.

At this time, rates per session are set at $175/session, and rate for the letter itself is set at $75.