How to Increase Intimacy & Have Better Sex

Couples Therapy: 5 Ways to Increase Intimacy & Have Better Sex 1. Date night- take each other out weekly or bi-weekly When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Just because you co-exist in the same space daily, it doesn’t mean that you are truly “spending time together.” You are not spending quality time together...[ read more ]

Free Workshop for Couples! 9/30/18

Hello everyone! We are having a COUPLES WORKSHOP this Sunday, 9/30/18 at 1pm. Come join us and learn how to increase intimacy and have better sex! Please register at After the workshop, I will offer 15 min free consultation to 4 couples (first come first served, there will be a sign-in sheet). See you there!

Couples Therapy: A Perfect Partner?

Couples Therapy: Looking for the perfect partner? You are in luck. What happened to my perfect partner? It seems that a lot of people, who come to see me for couples therapy, initially fell in love with the imagined, the best version of each other. And they unavoidably become shocked later, when they realize that their partners also have “not...[ read more ]

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